The big one. Tying together a team of players, a team that has been outlined in ads for about 1.5 years now, and making them into a movieposter. Loads and loads of players that are interchangeable, and have to move around a lot for different countries and markets. Building the file isn’t the hardest thing, building it so everything can move around is a LOT harder.

Again done with G, Andre and Patrick (Loupe, House of Retouch, Eclipse Barcelona).

Art Direction by Martin Terhart, Benjamin Bartels, Peter Albores, Emile Wilmar, James Fitt, Alan von Lutzau. That doesn’t go for this one ad though, that goes for most of the work on this blog, but especially the world cup stuff/F50. Photography by Gary Land, Illustrations by Steve Chorny (seriously google him, he’s awesome) and David Smit.