Sometimes, it’s nice to see everyone come together on a project and get GREAT results. This is some pro-bono work that 180 did for Dutch Charity Sire, to raise awareness for the face that what you say during a divorce scars kids for life. As a child of divorced parents this one hits home for me a little, and just visually I love this clean old-timey look.

Even the website is amazing.

Great campaign, which is getting some good press as well! Check it out. And another one.

The ads are in dutch, but we made English versions as well. I’m showing the dutch versions, but here are the Translations.

Amelia (Top image): Your mother ruined us all.

Cerys (Girl on bed): Forget your dad, he’s already forgotten about you.

Elliot (Closeup of boy): I wish we never had children.

Milo (Boy playing a videogame): If you go to your father, you can stay there.

Amazing photography by: Laura Pannack