adidas World Cup level 2 images

The level 2 component of the larger campaign. This was very cool to do. In total there were 32 player portraits…. First the players were photographed by Gary Land, then they were illustrated, by Steve Chorney (did the original box art for Risk, that’s pimp) and David Smit, and then retouched to look like they were standing in light. There were a lot of these I didn’t work on, so I’m only posting the ones I did all the work to. The others were done by G, Andre and Patrick(Loupe, House of Retouch and Eclipse Barcelona). Great fun, because 12 of these were actual paintings, so to match that I actually got a toothbrush, some ink and went nuts with splatterpatterns. Loads of fine details and work to the light, but in the end I think we ended up with some awesome images.


adidas World Cup Level 3 Images

The adidas world cup campaign was a beast to work on. Most of the work on this whole campaign was done by myself, G from Loupe Amsterdam and Andre at house of retouch. A lot of elements to the total campaign. This is the level 3 part of the campaign (it has something to do with retail, don’t ask me why) which is boot flying above stadium, with player lurking action-y in the background. Product retouch/comping/drawing light and working with illustrated elements (the stadium in this case), made for an interesting image.

adidas F50

F50 adizero 48 sheet

The new adidas F50 football boot is the newest/lightest boot in the world is what the marketing spiel says. In this instance though, I’m going to have to agree, this thing is freakishly light. I can’t really see how it would protect you from someone stepping on your feet, but oh well. Fast boot == LASERS, so loads of lasers in this image. Most of them are photographed, some are drawn on.

Also I’ve included a teaser image that was whipped together in about 45 minutes and was then printed really really big on some storefronts. Good stuff.

adidas World Cup – Jabulani product retouch

adidas released a super secret new ball for the coming South African world cup and I was lucky enough to get to retouch it. We always get samples of the actual product, before they start making the real thing. These samples are usually terribly produced, glue everywhere, seams all over the place…. I spent 40 hours on one ball. I must warn everyone to never do that, it’s not very conductive to one’s mental health.

Photography by Hans Pieterse

BMW Mud images

A fun low-budget campaign. We couldn’t really afford models on this shoot, so we got an art-director, an editor, a studio artist, someone’s dad and another art-director. Then we threw mud at them. It’s great to have friends in advertising.

Photography by Sarah Nankin

adidas Techfit – Athlete gifts

These were not actually campaign images, but seperate selects that were made after the campaign as presents to the athletes. I do really like these.

photography by Carlos Serrao

Omega – JFK ad

To honour the 40th anniversary of the moon landing, Omega released a watch. Since Omega was the first watch in space it seems fitting. This was a tough one. It’s a historical image, so you don’t have license to change much, we can’t show any of the people that were there…. and we want the image made wider for a double page spread and outdoor…… and it needs to be taller for in-store use.