So this is a massive campaign that we did for DHL, the international freight company. Sometimes clients like those can be a bit boring, but not this time! Shoots in Paris, Berlin, New York & Alaska, a LOT of post work. To show the ammount of work that went into this campaign, please check out that little video in 1080 :) Then you can truly see the amount of pictures and work that go into 1 image. This is a campaign I’m quite proud of. Photography by Stephen Wilkes, retouching by myself and 3D elements by Smoke & Mirrors in London.




Sire Divorce

Sometimes, it’s nice to see everyone come together on a project and get GREAT results. This is some pro-bono work that 180 did for Dutch Charity Sire, to raise awareness for the face that what you say during a divorce scars kids for life. As a child of divorced parents this one hits home for me a little, and just visually I love this clean old-timey look.

Even the website is amazing.

Great campaign, which is getting some good press as well! Check it out. And another one.

The ads are in dutch, but we made English versions as well. I’m showing the dutch versions, but here are the Translations.

Amelia (Top image): Your mother ruined us all.

Cerys (Girl on bed): Forget your dad, he’s already forgotten about you.

Elliot (Closeup of boy): I wish we never had children.

Milo (Boy playing a videogame): If you go to your father, you can stay there.

Amazing photography by: Laura Pannack


Daniel Blom Stadium Part 2

A little while back I did some work with Daniel Blom for Swedish sporting goods store Stadium, and I guess they liked what we did, as they came back with more stuff! The first image here is for a childrens sporting camp they run, and is a big comp of loads of different images. With this type of work it really helps if the photographer knows what he’s doing, and that’s why I like working with Daniel (check out


The second set here, is in black and white, which is oddly always a challenge to get nice and balanced. This was (as the previous job for Stadium) a combination of Photography and a 3D background courtesy of Nigel Upchurch ( Really cool images, I like working with Daniel :)


Peter Drost Fashion images


A little while ago I was approached by a young photographer named Peter Drost. He had some images that needed correction and wondered if I was interested in working on them. This is not an unusual occurence, what is odd however is that the images were really really good. It was nice to work on some more editorial images, which is a field I’m interested in, but I never really get these type of jobs. Hopefully that will change in the future.

Check out for more work from the good man.


A retouch I did for swedish sporting goods store Stadium. Photography by Daniel Blom and the 3D background (the top bit) was built by Nigel Upchurch. A really cool project. Check out and for more awesomeness.

Lilly, maybe it’s not….

A campaign for a new erectile dysfunction drug. Interesting work, because they’re maybe not the most spectacular images, but a TON of bleed had to be added, and absolutely none was shot. A lot of cloning and messing around followed. Also this is the first retouch I’ve made a little video about, so you can see the process of working a bit. You can, and should, view it in HD and fullscreen.

adidas World Cup Level 1

The big one. Tying together a team of players, a team that has been outlined in ads for about 1.5 years now, and making them into a movieposter. Loads and loads of players that are interchangeable, and have to move around a lot for different countries and markets. Building the file isn’t the hardest thing, building it so everything can move around is a LOT harder.

Again done with G, Andre and Patrick (Loupe, House of Retouch, Eclipse Barcelona).

Art Direction by Martin Terhart, Benjamin Bartels, Peter Albores, Emile Wilmar, James Fitt, Alan von Lutzau. That doesn’t go for this one ad though, that goes for most of the work on this blog, but especially the world cup stuff/F50. Photography by Gary Land, Illustrations by Steve Chorny (seriously google him, he’s awesome) and David Smit.